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At Union, your international experience isn’t a side trip; it’s a key part of your academic journey. Our mission is to help students enrich their understanding of other countries and challenge themselves academically while gaining personal insights.

As a student, you embarked on a journey. As an alumnus, if you considered your experience valuable, please help a current student participate in an International Program by contributing to the Annual Fund! Your support helps countless undergraduate students experience the world in new and exciting ways.

Meg Girton '17

York, England

"During the fall of my junior year I traveled to York, England on a term abroad. As someone who had never been out of the US, I was anxious, excited, and eager to see the world. In just one term I was able to see several European countries and experience some of the most incredible culture, foods, and history. I am forever grateful to Union College and the opportunity to study abroad for it pushed me out of my comfort zone and helped me to discover new passions and interests. Everything I experienced while abroad from sitting in my favorite local coffee shop, The Perky Peacock, to walking through the Roman Forum had a profound impact on me. I learned more about myself than I ever expected to during that time and I can't wait to get back to Europe again soon!"

Peter Haviland-Eduah '10

Civil Rights Mini-Term

The inaugural Civil Rights Mini-Term took place in the winter of 2009 as a way to teach Union students about the most transformative social movement of the 20th Century.

"This trip is not so much about what I want to learn, it’s about what I want to feel. Standing on the same land, under the same sky, as those who came before us will be a very emotional experience for me. I see this, in a sense, as a pilgrimage to pay respect to those who gave so much to make the U.S. a place where diversity is more celebrated. The people of the Civil Rights Movement revolutionized the way this country thought, and being immersed in that will be a powerful thing."

Professor William Garcia

Buenos Aires, Argentina

"While trekking through Costanera Sur Ecological Reserve last December 8th, a visit guided by biologist Roman Baigun, our group had a chance encounter with Union alum Robert L. Wofchuck '87... It was really funny the way that we figured out we were all from Union in the middle of an eco-tour in the city of Buenos Aires."

Professor William Garcia, Professor of Spanish, a member of Union’s faculty for over 25 years, is passionate about “exploring new models of learning which requires outside of the box engagement and observing different patterns.” A faculty adviser for International Programs, Professor Garcia is interested in creating opportunities for students to develop cultural proficiency by opening up the syllabus to topics relevant to student’s interests.

Union offers 43 International Program opportunities in 30 countries, on 6 continents, and in Oceania!

Nearly 60% of Union students go on terms or mini-terms abroad, one of the highest percentages among U.S. liberal arts Colleges.

The 20 mini-terms run for three weeks during winter and summer breaks. They vary from year to year and include several domestic terms.

Study Opportunities: Vietnamese Language, Culture Studies

Hanoi, with a population of one million, is a small capital city that is calm in comparison to the flashy southern Ho Chi Mihn City (Saigon). But while Hanoi honors Vietnam's long and tumultuous past in the ancient merchant streets of its unique Old Quarter, the colonial facades of the French Quarter, the monuments and house of Ho Chi Minh and the relics of the struggle for independence and the "American War," it has also embraced the open economic policies of doi moi that is transforming Vietnam and is experiencing an exciting period of change. Hanoi is the perfect vantage point to witness Vietnam at a crossroads as the country navigates between Communism and open markets, a glorious (and also painful) past and an uncertain future, and increasing inequalities between rich and poor, city and countryside.

Study Opportunities: Cinema, Francophone Culture, Language and Writing

Historic Rennes is located in northwestern France, roughly 190 miles from Paris. In 1720, after a great fire, much of the town had to be rebuilt; further reconstruction was necessitated as a result of severe damage during World War II. The heart of the town, from La Place de la Mairie to La Place Sainte Anne, from the Cathedral to La Rue Saint Georges, reveals architectural treasures from the 18th and 19th centuries. A university town, Rennes is home to more than 45,000 students, with a total population of 250,000. For several years, it has been the top-rated town in many national magazine surveys about the quality of life in France.

Study Opportunities: History, Politics and Culture of Cuba

An extraordinarily beautiful island nation, Cuba displays the architecture and remnants of Spanish colonialism, as well as over a century of close contact with the United States, most evident in quite spectacular 1950’s automobiles that yet troll the streets of Havana. Marked into the consciousness of both countries is the revolution of 1959 and the isolation of the US embargo, during the time when Cuba was a satellite of the USSR. In the post-Soviet era Cuba has been a popular tourist destination, as well as the host to hundreds of US and international study abroad programs. According to the Washington Post, of the 3 million tourists who visit Cuba yearly, at least 500,000 are from the United States. US citizens travel in licensed tours, individually through Canada and Mexico, while Cuban-Americans travel to visit relatives.