Annual Fund Volunteers

Annual Fund Volunteers

Charles Waldron, class of 1906From strengthening the bond that alumni have with each other and with the College, volunteers play an essential role in the ongoing success of the Union College Annual Fund. In 1911, Charles Waldron, Class of 1906, started an alumni fund designed to encourage involvement and support of the College. Connections with classmates have sustained the 105 year history of alumni contributing to keep Union one of the top liberal arts institutions. Every alumni class has a system of class agents, correspondents, and social media ambassadors who engage classmates in supporting the College each year. 

A Message From the Annual Fund National Co-Chairs

Welcome Union College Volunteers to the 105th Annual Fund! It’s no secret that institutions on the vanguard of higher education possess strong and dedicated volunteer armies. They serve to leverage their influence to the benefit of their alma maters. As proud Union alumni, we know that our College stands tall against a field of giants, having established the oldest continuous annual fund in the nation. Over and over again, our many volunteers have demonstrated deep loyalty to “Old Union.” Most are described as “bleeding garnet”. Nonetheless, time is a precious commodity in our busy lives.

The following pages, with helpful links, provide our volunteers with up to date information about the College and specific alumni classes. It is our hope that this efficient catalog of resources, throughout the fund year, will be a resource for you, communicating special giving campaigns, upcoming events, and the impact of alumni support for Union. As well, we hope you also consider us, your Chairs, and the professional staff on campus as critical resources and contact us anytime.

Consider connecting online with the College through our multiple channels, FacebookTwitterInstagram, and LinkedIn, which are easily found on the bottom of our website. Please check the alumni page to check out regional and campus events. Please remember we are always here to help keep you connected. 

Your continued efforts as volunteers for the Annual Fund help support our students and faculty in countless ways. Your outreach to your classmates help keep them connected to Union. You help spread the word about giving opportunities and news from campus. You play a critical role in Union’s success.

On behalf of the students and faculty, thank you, 

Mark Webster ’88  Michelle Spaziani ’95

Annual Fund National Co-Chairs

Unrestricted Annual Gifts Have an Immediate Impact on Union

When the support of thousands of alumni is combined, it adds up to keep Union on the cutting edge of education, research and service. While there is no denying the vital importance of large gifts in helping us achieve our goals and support the mission of Union College, many alumni might feel that her or his gift is not significant enough to matter. And that, quite simply, isn’t true. To reach our goals, Union needs gifts of every size. Every gift counts. Last year 7,088 alumni contributed $4,403,997 in Annual Gifts. 

Here is a breakdown of how these resources were allocated in 2015-2016: 
Academics, Campus Life, and Operations 16%
Scholarship/Financial Aid 8%
Athletics 10%
Unrestricted 66% [ever critical immediate use]

Annual Fund Volunteer Roll

1940 - 1949
Ted Vinick '43 
Karl Klarman '44
Sy Thickman '44
Andy Kelly '46
Frank Peters '47
Nelson Heyer'47 

1950 - 1959
Jay V. Dewell '50
Robert Pletman '50
Frank Taormina '50
Jim Richards '50
William DeLorenzo '50
Richard Gardner '51
William H. Cleary '51
Jerry Ente '51
Allen Braemer '52
Frank M. Morgan '52
George E. Martin '52
Eugene J. Bucci '52
El Harp '53
David Lent '53
Richard A. Dolan '53
John Kamenitsky '53
Charles Little '53
William R. Holzapfel '53
Garrett Murphy '53
Richard Rapacz '53
Richard Nemeth '53
Bob Shorter '53
Phil Beuth '54
Dick Herrmann '54
Ian MacDonald '55
Philip L. Schaeffer '55
Ken Haefner '55
Marty Stein '56
Jay Fromer '57
Howie Rosenkrantz '57
George E. Bodine '57
Roger P. Penny '58
Walter H. Bray '58
Robert W. Broughton '58
William F. Mack '58
David C. Horton '58
Robert B. Howe '58
Charles F. Hackenyos '58
H. Richard McLane '58
Robert C. Carlson '58
Michael W. Miller '59
William J. Mather '59
Kenneth S. Hoyt '59
Donald J. May '59
Gerald B. Fincke '59

1960 - 1969
Paul E. Wintrich '60
Paul F. Jacobs '60
John K. Gerken '61
Stuart E. Cohen '61
Charles J. Schott '61
John A. Honey '61
James Reisman '61
George D. Thompson '61
John W. Charlton '62
Charles J. Loew '62
Sven W. Edlund '62
Edward A. Shapiro '62
Thomas C. Ackerman '63
Neil H. Kleinman '63
Clifford M. Mastrangelo '63
Lewis M. Gedansky '64
William C. Wells '64
Richard M. Erdoes '65
Richard R. Crookes '65
Edward T. Gignoux '66
Joseph F. Sawyer '66
G. Anders Carlson '66
Harry J. Willis '67
Peter S. Levine '67
David M. Kaufman '67
Robert J. Sussman '67
John H. Minehan '68
William M. Sanderson '68
Allan R. Page '69
Kevin J. Dulin '69
George A. Cushing '69

1970 - 1979
Randolph H. Robinson '70
Gerald M. Millman '70
James E. Nelson '70
Richard A. Gallucci '71
Halil Tugal '71
Paul T. Donnelly '71
William E. Nearpass '71
Robert W. Fischman '71
Henry P. Kass '72
Kevin N. Clowe '72
Reinhard S. Eichinger '72
Thomas F. Morante '73
Lewis B. Kinter '73
Patrick A. Guida '73
Larry A. Swartz '73
Timothy D. McCabe '73
Donald E. Foley '73
Dallam E. Blandy '74
Amy Juskowitz Sponseller '74
Kevin J. Donnelly '74
Jessica Sobiech Hayashi '74
Kathryn L. Mullaney '74
Gail G. Snitkoff '74
Mitchell R. Lubart '75
Mark J. Manus '75
Kathleen Hughes Baird '75
Cindy Wolfson Sipkin '76
Arnold M. Hiller '76
Sara Jane Goldberg '76
Samuel H. Porter '76
Louis J. Barash '76
Kevin J. Harkenrider '77
Elaine P. Seeskin '77
Rudolph Y. Lu '77
Neal Adam Schwartz '77
Patricia Curran Thorman '77
Karen Isabelle Huggins '77
Blair S. Reischer '77
Richard S. Norman '77
Karen S. Kasner '78
Thomas N. Heyer '78
Brien R. O'Toole '79
Gary L. Philipson '79
Eric M. Goidel '79
Audrey M. Stein '79
David J. Becker '79

1980 - 1989
Lisa Klein Wager '80 
Laurence I. Mariasis '80
Thomas M. Buiocchi '80
Susan C Ferris '81
William T. Lloyd '82
John E. McDermott '82
James E. McGhee '82
Michelle T. DeSimone Shellard '83
David B. Smith '83
Susan W. Danziger '84
Daniel S. Savrin '84
Timothy T. Hesler '85
Mark Vincent Cioni '86
James E. Schwartz '86
Maureen A. Coleman '86
Shari Fernande Ruckh '87
Jeffrey G. Zorn '87
Drena K. Root '87
Carol U. Elstien '87
John S. Madej '87 
Dawn A. Tamarkin '87 
David G. Gascoyne '88 
David L. Cohen '88
LeAta R. Jackson '88
Geoffrey D. Schenkel '88
Mark G. Webster '88
Patrick A. DiCerbo '88
Mary Ann Dunham '88
Ilana L. Klinger '89
Richard M. Aguinaldo '89

1990 - 1999
Ronald A. Kinghorn '90
Kenya M. Lenoir Messer '90
Guy T. Logan '90
Brian J. Cossaboom '90
Wendy F. Sternberg '90
Martha E. Downer-Assaf '90
Mary Jo Conley Burke '90
Stacey A. Renner '90
Todd S. Adelman '90
Beth S. Dearing '91
Andrea Slade Weitzner '92
Laurel A. Mullen '92
Dominick F. Famulare '92
Erica Levine Faulkner '92 
William A. Dean '92 
Craig S. Ferrero '92 
Jonathan D. Fox '92 
Milton L. Grant, III '92 
Dalton W. Menhall, II '92 
Andrea Rogers McDonald '92 
Amy O'Neill Rojik '92 
Richard S. Zembek '92 
Paul S. Drumm '94
Nicole P. Engelbert '94
Jennifer L. Dominelli '95
Michelle A. Spaziani '95
Rachel S. Katz '96
Daimee I. Stadler-Isralowitz '96
Kelly H. Herrington '96
Daniel A. O'Neill '96
Matthew J. Mauriello '99

2000 - 2009
Darcy A. Czajka '00
Mathew P. Barry '00
Ryan A. Crowley '01
Olivia Leong '01
Katie K. Fitzpatrick '01
J. Brian Colantropo '02
Adam C. Cappel '02
Allison E. Margolies '02
Matthew Rapoport '02 
Leah Nero Carrasquillo '02 
Timothy Crowell '02 
Pamela Lutin Shaplin '02 
Andrew T. McCabe '03
Lee H. Kalowski '03
Ridgely W. Harrison, IV '03
Jenny M. Lippmann '03
Kyrie K. York '03
Sarah P. Bell '04
Shannon J. McAllister '04
Scott Ferguson Snyder '04
Alison F. Freidheim' 04
Daniel F. Mehleisen '04
Austin R. Albert '04
Geoffrey M. Bowman '04
Sarah Y. Pontius '04
Sarre Gellar Boglioli '04
Samantha Raphael '04
Andrea T. Martin '05
Sarah E. Andriano '05
Jillian Lubarsky Akavan '05
Douglas G. Sonnenshein '05
William Eisenhut '06
Emily M. Williams '06
Christopher C. Ercoli '06
Daniel M. Leavitt '06
Elizabeth B. Henry '07
Colin Patrick Farrill '07
Carol A. Shotzbarger '08
Virginia I. Powell '08
Brandon Botto '09
Sean D. Mulkerne '09
Kate R. Colantuono '09
Peter J. Falco '09
Michael D. Eisenman '09
Cara M. Karelitz '09
Ali M. Gardezi '09
Lorraine N. Ater '09
2010 - Present
Peter Haviland-Eduah '10
Rachel B. Cohen '10
Abigail D. Cable '10
Emily J. Feldman '10
Gabriel B. Harris '10
Andrew N.T. Churchill '11
Siobhan G. Matty '12
Kyle A. Moffitt '12
Randall S. Miller '12
M. Owen Miller '12
Kelsey Mulvihill '12 
Tess Barclay Skoller '13
Justin Timothy Reilly '13
Katherine Cummings '13
Harrison Leahy Kim '13
Chloe Leigh Tatosian '13
Alyssa M. Feldman '13
A. Richard Harris '14
Martina Jolanta Glab '15
Ananya D. Wangay '15