Homecoming has been a tradition at Union College since 1923. The first Homecoming game was played on November 2, 1923 with Hobart. In 1935, the Graduate Council moved the day back to early or mid-October, when campus trees have begun to reflect shades of garnet and gold. The "Alumni College Day" as it was called, became an annual event until WWII interrupted it after the fall of 1939.  Resuming in 1946, the fall alumni gathering was renamed Homecoming.

The weekend has grown to commemorate all of the many accomplishments of the College from academics to sports, and include, faculty lectures, alumni sporting contests, student research posters sessions, a reception for legacy families, the Harvest Dinner and Farewell Brunch, tours of a revitalized downtown area and the Union Campus, and the President's Welcome Reception. Each and every year there is something new to look forward to but the campus in the fall is just as you remember it, filled with the energy of new and returning students, the feel of crisp fall days and the foliage abundant on campus.

Attention alumni, parents, faculty and staff: Would you like to be a featured speaker at HFW? Send your name, contact information and topic to alumni@union.edu.