Garnet Gala

Garnet Gala ~ June 10th, 2017 


The following is information about the Garnet Gala on Commencement weekend.

What is the Garnet Gala?
The Garnet Gala tradition began in 2001. It is a reception on the Saturday night before Commencement intended to thank students and their families for four great years. The evening includes a band, dance floor, light desserts/refreshments, and a cash bar (please note: everyone must bring ID!).

Does anyone actually go?
YES, we welcome about 1,500 people to each Gala we’ve hosted!

Will dinner be served?
No, since it begins at 8:00 most guests will be coming from dinner so, as mentioned above, we will simply be serving light desserts (pastries, chocolate covered fruit, etc.).

What should I wear?
It is suggested that you dress up a bit (men – sport coats, women – skirts/cocktail dresses). It is recommended that you bring some kind of jacket/shawl because once the sun goes down, it can get buggy.

What does it cost to go?
This event is free of charge and hosted by the Office of Alumni & Parent Engagement.

My grandparents are coming to graduation.  Can they come to the Gala too?
Grandparents are more than welcome to attend and there will be seating available if they have trouble getting around.

How many people can I bring?
We ask that you not bring more than 6 people.

If you have additional questions about the Garnet Gala please contact the Office of Alumni & Parent Engagement at

If you have other questions about Commencement weekend, please contact Emily Tong in Academic Affairs at or (518) 388-6102.

Click here for more information regarding Commencement.

We hope to see you there.