Saying “Thank You”

Named scholarships at Union are made possible through the generosity of Trustees, alumni and other friends of Union College. In establishing these funds, donors have given a great deal of thought to supporting the needs and recognizing the accomplishments of specific students. You should be honored to have received a named scholarship.

Those associated with your award would enjoy the opportunity to get to know you better. Past experience tells us that student letters to donors are particularly meaningful, often marking the beginning of a well-established student-donor connection. Your correspondence demonstrates your appreciation, as well as the meaningful impact of this scholarship on your life.


I was just notified that I received a named endowment scholarship fund. Do I get additional money?
No. These scholarships have already been counted in your financial aid package. Donors have given these funds to the College to support deserving students with outstanding academic, service and other achievements.

What is a named endowment scholarship?
A named endowment scholarship is established by a donor or donors and named in honor or memory of an individual or family. Funds are invested with the College's endowment and will be awarded in perpetuity, spending only the interest accrued in a given year--not the principal.

Why was I selected as a named endowment scholarship recipient?
You were selected as a recipient of your particular scholarship because you are receiving financial aid and have an impressive record of achievement in academics, service or other areas. You have also met the criteria set by the donor for your fund (i.e., major, geographic area, specific affiliations, etc.)

What is expected of me as a scholarship recipient?
Each year, we ask that our scholarship recipients connect with their donor and/or his/her family in several ways. You will be required to write a thank you note telling your donor about yourself and expressing gratitude for their generosity. You will also attend the Thank-a-Thon, held in November, where you will sign your thank you note, send your donor a holiday card, take a photo for your donor and learn more information about your scholarship. Additionally, we host an annual scholarship donor recognition luncheon, usually the second Thursday in May in conjunction with Steinmetz Symposium. Scholarship recipients are invited to the lunch as well as alumni, parents and friends who have created scholarships. We expect that, barring any unforeseen circumstances, you will attend this event. There may be additional opportunities for you to meet with those who have supported scholarships at Union including on-campus visits. Also, we may ask you for additional correspondence beyond the annual letter.

Can I put this on my resume?
Certainly! It is an honor to receive one of these scholarships.

if I have any questions, who should I contact?
Ashley Tyner, Director of Stewardship, manages the named endowment scholarship program. She may be reached at (518) 388-6532.