“I am delighted to be a member of the Terrace Council of Union College. It is the least I can do to repay so much. What I have gained from Union goes far beyond the walls of the classroom and into the foundation of who I have become. Union has provided me with important leadership skills and an extensive network of amazing and intelligent individuals. Through an innovative approach to a liberal arts education and proud school spirit, Union possesses a unique charm. I am proud to give back to current and future Union students so that they can enjoy the same experiences that I had in my four years. I hope that you will consider joining me as a member of the Terrace Council so that together we can contribute to enhancing the Union experience for students, faculty and fellow alumni."
-Gerry Millman '70

"It’s hard to believe more than 35 years have passed since that June day when my classmates and I walked in front of Schaeffer Library to receive our hard earned diplomas. In one respect, it was the end, but really just the beginning. I met my wife, Yvonne Lavender at Union. We are a successful Union-union and I then went on to have a successful career as an orthopaedic surgeon and hospital administrator. Since that graduation day, I’ve been involved with three other academic institutions, and they all contributed to my success, but it all began at Union. Union must continue to innovate and expand its offerings if it is to remain a highly desirable college. This costs money. For students, a college degree is also very expensive. I made a conscious decision to participate at the Terrace Council level to assist both Union and its students build for the future. We must give back to ensure that we prepare the future leaders of our society."
-Michael R. Marks ’78, MD MBA

"The fact is I support Union because the things I learned there in and out of the classroom, and the enduring friendships I made, shaped my life in a very positive way. I’m a busy business guy now only because of those great experiences."
-Kevin Eberly ’80

"As a graduate of the Seven Year combined BS/MD medical program, my time at Union not only prepared me for success in medical school but instilled values and began friendships that are a major part of my life today. When I returned this past summer for my 20th ReUnion I reflected on my experiences at Union and recognized that I was now in a place in my life where I wanted to give back to the college that gave so much to me. Becoming a member of the Terrace Council was a great way to do so."
-Jared LaCorte '93

"I hadn't donated to Union in almost 10 years, and that bothered me. It bothered me because I think often, and fondly, of the years I spent at school.

I think about my Professors. Particularly, Steven Sargent, Mark Walker, Joyce Madancy, and Andrew Morris of the History Department and Hugh Jenkins, Peter Heinegg, and Bonnie MacDonald of the English Department. I think about them because I feel I knew them personally and because they took the time, outside of class, to teach me how to think critically, research effectively, and write, and rewrite, and rewrite. The passion they had for their jobs resonates with me today.

I rowed for four years at Union and some of my best memories were made on the Mohawk. Rowing was simultaneously the most rewarding and physically grueling athletic experience of my life. It helped me develop a strong stomach, taught me to put my complete trust in the skill and work ethic of my teammates, and showed me that no matter how exhausted I was, I could always take another stroke. I am grateful to Tom White and Dan Elliot for teaching me these skills.

By nature I'm an introvert. I always had friends but was never really outgoing. Sigma Phi changed that. Being part of a fraternity demanded a certain social experience, from which I learned how to connect with people I don't think I would've met on my own. I became confident talking to strangers in a crowded room. These things seem trivial, but I've learned they matter in life. They're valuable skills that I keep with me to this day.

I would not be accepted to Union if I applied today and that's OK. I was lucky to be accepted in the first place. It's a highly competitive world and as competition for the highest quality applicants improves, Union must improve. I believe the school is making the right choices to attract the best applicants and to remain a focal point of liberal arts education.

I decided to join the Terrace Council for the reasons I discussed and because I wanted to make a meaningful gift; meaningful to me and to Union. I hope my memories and opinions echo with my classmates and other alumni and inspire them to donate at a level that's meaningful to each of them. Without the education we received at Union, it's unlikely we'd be where we are today."
-Bradford Coyman ’04