About ReUnion

The Tradition
The tradition of ReUnion dates back to the first alumni parade which took place in 1911. Almost 100 years later, the Alumni Parade continues to be a highlight of the weekend. A continued tradition following the parade is Alumni Convocation, a celebratory ceremony to present Alumni Gold Medals, the Faculty Meritorious Awards, parade trophies and class gifts, closing with the traditional Senior Handshake. The handshake between the graduating senior class and the 50th ReUnion Class, welcomes the class into Union’s Alumni body. Become part of the tradition. Reunion marks a time when many alumni choose to reflect upon and celebrate their Union College experience in three different ways—by returning to campus, writing a personal essay for publication in their 25th and 50th ReUnion class books, and committing to the Union Fund with a special financial contribution as part of their class gift.

The Weekend
Mark your calendar and begin planning your travel today. This weekend promises to be full and interesting with a program that begins on Thursday and concludes Sunday afternoon.

Varied programs, receptions and tours on Thursday, Friday and Saturday let you feel like you're right back in the swing of campus life. You'll be able to spend time with friends over a meal, such as the traditional Lobster Clam Bake or run in the Minerva Race. Tour the campus and see the renovations and additions we've made since your last visit, as well as tour the revitalized Schenectady area. You can attend alumni athletic games, go to a lecture at one of the Minerva Houses, or pick up a new sweatshirt at the Union bookstore, finishing off the busy weekend with the Bon Voyage Sunday Brunch. Most importantly, this weekend provides you with a rare opportunity to engage in conversations with classmates, friends, faculty, staff and former professors.

The majority of your classmates will be on campus by Friday evening, with the largest number of attendees here on Saturday. You are encouraged to bring family or guests. The College even has a Junior ReUnion program for children under 12 years, so be sure to pre-register! Information and registration for all ReUnion activities is mailed to all alumni in early April.

Who is invited?
ReUnion is an annual event at Union College. While we invite our entire alumni body to ReUnion, we place a special emphasis on our five year anniversary classes and offer additional programming for alumni celebrating their 1st, 5th, 25th, and 50th ReUnions. ReUnion weekend is typically held two weeks prior to commencement which provides an ideal opportunity to engage current students in the programming and collaborate with student organizations to plan affinity programming. Having ReUnion while we are still in session allows alumni to see the campus in action and also exposes current students to the strong traditions that exist for alumni after graduation. ReUnion weekend draws back more than 2,000 alumni to campus each year.