Lifetime Email

What is email forwarding?

Email forwarding is a service offered to Union alumni. You are able to choose a unique email alias with the domain. Messages are forwarded to your destination email address of choice. 

How is email forwarding different from regular email?

Email forwarding simply forwards email, unlike your current email, which is an actual email account. The main difference between email forwarding and your email account is that email forwarding does not come with storage space for email. Email forwarding works with your email account by forwarding email sent to your address to the email account that you have specified as your forwarding address.

Can I use email forwarding without an email account?

No. There must be a location that email can be forwarded to.

How do I create an email forwarding account?

Log into UConnect and update the "Email Forwarding" tab with your email information. You may also email Include a first and second choice for your preferred alias ( and your current email address to use for forwarding.

Where should I forward my email to?

You should have your emails forwarded to your current email account, or you should create an account. There are many free email providers on the Web.

How do I change my email forwarding destination email address?

You can change the location of where your email is forwarded via the UConnect Union's alumni online community.

Should I forward my to my account?

Recent undergraduates of Union should NOT forward your emails to a account. Your account is temporary. emails should be forwarded to a more permanent email address.

Should I forward my to another email forwarding address?

No. You should avoid forwarding emails to another email forwarding service.

Can Union alumni email forwarding send email to multiple email addresses?

No. For each account, emails can only be forwarded to one unique email account.

Does email forwarding delay email?

No, email forwarding does not delay email. However, email may be delayed slightly if the email forwarding server has trouble contacting the server to which email should be forwarded at your ISP (Internet Service Provider).

If your email is delayed for an extended period of time, you should contact both the Office of Alumni & Parent Engagement and your ISP.

Does email forwarding store my messages?

No. This is just a forwarding system.

Should I rely on email forwarding for sensitive emails?

If you have sensitive emails, you should be mindful of how such messages are sent. Such messages should be sent directly to the recipient.

Does email forwarding work with email attachments?

Yes, email forwarding works with email attachments. Please be aware that certain email attachments may be rejected from your email forwarding location.

How do I use my address as an alias for Gmail?

You can simply use the Gmail SMTP server, as long as you use Google two-step authentication.

Gmail settings, Accounts and Import tab
Add another email address you own
Type name and email address to be added. Untick treat as an alias.
For SMTP Server, put
For Username, your full Gmail address including
For password, provide an App Password generated in Google Accounts
Leave Secured connection using TLS selected as is.
Add Account
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